My album, "Losing My Name" is live and streaming and/or downloading at many of the usual streaming sites. By clicking on the site listed on the link below, you will go directly to the album's page for those different sites. It was a long journey, but an interesting one. Did you know that Spotify pays [...]

I believe that the best thing about being retired is being able to take afternoon naps. Taking naps outside is the best of the best. The hammock is always calling me by my first name. However, we have a new possibility for napping as of today. We put this sofa/bed together this afternoon. We ordered [...]

My father was a practical man. Fashion meant absolutely nothing to him and less than nothing when it came to clothing his four children. Summertime meant us boys would all get our heads shaved, supposedly to prepare for the heat of the season, but in reality it was to get his money’s worth at the [...]

As my father's health began to rapidly fail a few years, I came home quite sad from visiting him one evening. I put the guitar on my lap and the harmonica on my lips,(neither instrument can I play) and I started expressing what came from the heart. Music is a wonderful way to express the [...]