A little lyric video for a song on the album. Now you can understand my mumbled singing! Go create. It is in our spiritual dna. Everyday is Genesis. The universe continues to expand. "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." Genesis 1:31 (NIV Bible) We are part of that created [...]

A couple of years ago, we planted 6 lavenders into a planter box I had built out of scraps of an old tin metal roof. We have lavender planted in other areas around the place, but they aren’t thriving like this variety. Not quite sure of the variety but it is perfect for drying and [...]

My album, "Losing My Name" is live and streaming and/or downloading at many of the usual streaming sites. By clicking on the site listed on the link below, you will go directly to the album's page for those different sites. It was a long journey, but an interesting one. Did you know that Spotify pays [...]

I believe that the best thing about being retired is being able to take afternoon naps. Taking naps outside is the best of the best. The hammock is always calling me by my first name. However, we have a new possibility for napping as of today. We put this sofa/bed together this afternoon. We ordered [...]