The Bestest

I believe that the best thing about being retired is being able to take afternoon naps. Taking naps outside is the best of the best. The hammock is always calling me by my first name.

However, we have a new possibility for napping as of today. We put this sofa/bed together this afternoon. We ordered it from Target. Instructions were kind of helpful… kind of.

Extended Out
Right By The Cherry Tree
Babies and Old Guys Need Their Naps or We Get Cranky

On a completely different note, I walked out into our garage this morning and this little fella flew in and just sat there. Finally, I thought that it might be injured so I got a box. As I approached it, it took off at the speed of sound. I didn’t know parakeets could fly so fast. Kind of felt sorry for it though, being the only parakeet in the neighborhood. Probably a trade off though considering how free he was to fly about. (I looked it up, parakeets can fly fast, but I might have exaggerated a teeny, tiny, little bit. It’s the fisherman in me!)