Bees and Lavender

A couple of years ago, we planted 6 lavenders into a planter box I had built out of scraps of an old tin metal roof.

We have lavender planted in other areas around the place, but they aren’t thriving like this variety. Not quite sure of the variety but it is perfect for drying and floral arrangements with their long stems. Not quite as fragrant as some of the other, more stubbier varieties but the bees sure don’t mind.

As a storyteller, I tend to exaggerate a bit. I also do that as a fisherman. However, there must be a hundred honeybees on these 6 plants!!! I used 3 exclamation marks to support the truthfulness of my exaggeration!!!!!!

Now, of course this dusty little community we live in now claims to be the Queen Bee Capital of North America!!!!!!!!!!