Jibber Jabber

In the last 24 hours, from our gardens, I have eaten strawberries, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, and the summer’s first tomato. I don’t care what the stores say about their vine ripen tomatoes, the flavor of a real garden tomato is 1000 percent better. Same with the fruits. They just can’t leave them on the trees long enough to really get sweet. On a hot day, standing in the shade of the plum tree, picking a plum, eating it, is… Heaven on Earth.

Here is an alternative version of a lyric video for Wanna Be Your Cowboy. I kind of like it. Simple, and it let’s the music have the stage.

From the album Losing My Name, (Gary McMahon) streaming where things stream.

It is hot out here today. Only can work outside for a few hours in the morning and then I retreat to the air conditioning and hang out with the menagerie. The pool water has warmed up to 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 C) which is pretty warm for this time of the year but sure feels good. Turned the hot tub down for the summer.

Now I am off to find a frozen yogurt!