The summer heat in the Sacramento Valley can become almost unbearable. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a long trip to get away from it for a bit. We decided to drive up to Oregon and spend a day on the Oregon coast. We drove along the Umpqua River. Stopped along the way at an organic blueberry [...]

In my last posting I shared a bunch of photos of the gardens and orchards around our home. What the photos don’t easily show are the spaces between the places. A dear one, who occasionally displays a very practical side to their thinking, asked me recently, “Why are your garden areas separated so far from [...]

On the the first of July, I headed a couple hours north of our home. Played a round of golf at Lake Shastina Golf Course at the base of Mount Shasta. Spectacular place. Played with son-in-law and grandson. On the way home, we fished the Upper Sacramento River. Using artificial flies without any barbs on [...]