My Book Report

When I was a kid in school, oral book reports were a requirement. Lacking self discipline and impulse control, rarely did I actually read a book that I was about to report upon. This experience provided an great opportunity to think quickly on my feet especially when the teacher would ask follow up questions. As I matured, the only A’s in high school that I received were in Physical Education and Speech. Giving a speech was a piece of cake compared to trying to weave a comprehensive review of a book which you never got past the 2nd page.

Well, I really did just finish this book.

It was outstanding and it gave me a lot to think about. Although my addictions are not alcohol related, I certainly have my addictions. I could easily relate to the wisdom of the Twelve Steps.

A trick I learned from those fake book reports was to read something towards the end of the book. Now I really did read this book, I swear, but let me share one of a hundred different passages that touched me. It does happen to be at the end of the book. The discussion is about suffering and God who is willing to suffer with you.

Now I probably have violated some copyright law, but in my defense- we are all students of life, so this had an educational purpose.

To all the brave and beautiful souls who have learned to breathe underwater and help others to learn how to breathe underwater, you inspire me to learn to breathe underwater.

Great book! (Not many pictures though.)