Ain’t Got Me No Title

If it was an option, I wouldn’t mind coming back in another life as one of our cats.

Linus is getting ready for an afternoon nap. (I hadn’t noticed until looking at this photo that somebody has changed the bedding to colors of autumn. Probably did it weeks ago. Change is the normal in our house. I am very careful not to assume a chair is where it used to be before sitting down. It keeps things interesting. Since 98% of my blog readers are women, you’re probably like “yeah, change it up!”

I sat down to read a little book about the “little flower.” Lucy jumped up and spent quite a bit of time purring and rubbing up against the book while doing that paw thing on my stomach where the cat sort of kneads your stomach with each front paw.

Liked this particular passage in the book.

Now going to join Linus in that nap among the pillows of Autumn.