Falling Away

It has taken me a long time to enjoy the creative process. Self doubt and self criticism and, I suppose, a smidge of self hatred has always created fear and frustration.

Blogging and Music have been the arenas where I go to battle with these issues as I made a commitment to live truer to my goofy self and try to do things that I think would be fun to do regardless of the quality of outcome.

I wrote a little tune recently about that terrible disease, Alzheimer’s, from two different perspectives. Here is a video of me trying to sing that song. And, after watching the video, I am now going to go and pluck two hairs that are growing on the edge of my ear! Growing old baby, you gotta love it!

What is your name, I like your face, did I know you in some other place

You touch my hand, tears in your eyes, You call me daddy, I don’t know why

I’m falling, falling away, falling from you, falling from me, I’m falling from yesterday

Look in my face, do you know my name, we were married, on a summer’s day

Look what we’ve done, this is our home, but living with you, I’m living alone

He’s falling, falling away, falling from you, falling from me, falling from yesterday