Should Be A National Holiday

When we moved out to the Orland area, we were told that we were now part of the Orland Water Users Association.

“Oh, great! Uh, what does that mean?”

“Oh, they’ll explain it to you.”

The real explanation would have been like this: ” Every ten to fourteen days, your world will revolve around a flood irrigation system that uses the ancient pharaoh’s system of gates and canals, only his system was better. You’ll get 30 minutes notice of when it is your turn to get the water and there is a good chance it will be between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.. Then you will have to go down the road, open an irrigation gate and close another irrigation gate to divert the water and hope that the water flows to your property instead of your neighbors. Oh yeah, the snakes will be coming out fast and furious, for a snake, when the holes in the ground begin filling with water. This procedure goes from April to October and since we’re in one of the worse drought areas in the state, you’ll actually be glad that you are part of the association.”

Today was our last day to get our irrigation water for this year. Truly, it really should be a National holiday.

(Benny loves running through the pasture when it is filled with water. Birds come from everywhere to feed off all the insects coming out of the grass and sometimes you get a pretty photo from it all. And, you get to have a green pasture all summer while you don’t need to water your fruit trees. The poplar and willow trees thrive with that type of irrigation.)