Mind Your Own Beeswax

Ah, the old phrases my elders used to use. “Mind your own beeswax,” “Stop being so nosey,” and “Mind your own P’s and Q’s” was often heard.

One of my grandfathers used to always say to me, “Just between you, me and the fence post.” Oddly enough, often there was a fence post close by.

The refrigerator was either called the “Fridge” or the “Icebox.” The other day, I referred to it as an icebox and my daughter said, “ Icebox??? What is it 1910?”

My other grandfather often said, when a difficult building project suddenly started coming together well, “Now we’re cooking with gas.” He often would imitate Jackie Gleason and high step it across the kitchen floor saying “And away, we go!”

Now back to “Mind your own beeswax.” As the weather changes, the kinfolk (using Jed Clampett’s vernacular from Beverly Hillbillies) get a little antsy and start looking for indoor activities. Candle making is the current craft. Learning as they go, they are enjoying it.

Here is one that didn’t turn out so well.

These came out really nice. The leaves we gathered while visiting Oregon last week.

There’s a beautiful dark red one cooling down right now on the kitchen counter. it is still in its mold.

I do believe wreath making is next up. We cut down the grapevines for them already. I’ll share that soon, but as my grandmother would say, “Let’s not burn the candle from both ends.”