This swing often acts as the resting place of my chapel. I sit here a lot, sometimes when I am tired of working in the “yard.” Here, I think, no I wonder and I ponder, and I contemplate and even sometimes, I meditate, but mostly I pet the dogs. Sometimes when I am petting the [...]

The candlemakers have temporarily transitioned to wreaths! Every flower is from the yard. Getting made. The grapevines and pomegranates are from the yard too. The ribbon is from a little off the beaten path Christmas shop in Cottonwood, California.

A couple of years ago, we planted a little Chandler English Walnut tree. Being a bit obsessive, I have been keeping track of the crop each year. The first year, we got 2 nuts. Last year, we got 22 nuts, and this year… 64 nuts. Next year I will provide a graph with this report. [...]