The Crooners

You Are by gary a. mcmahon on #SoundCloud

I find that most of us are to some degree fans of our parents’ music because that was what we listened to as children. I remember my father not being very impressed with the Beatles when they played on Ed Sullivan here in the States.

No, he was, first and foremost, an Eddy Arnold fan. “Make the world go away….” Part of it was loyalty as Eddy Arnold played a show for the U.S. Air Force while dad was serving and waiting to get shipped to Korea. He was fond of other crooners too though….Andy Williams, Perry Como types. Didn’t seem to care for Sinatra much, but that was probably because my grandfather believed Frank Sinatra to be basically a gangster and a bully. Funny thing, I ended up not being much of Sinatra fan too, but loved Eddy Arnold, Andy Williams, and Perry Como- those silky voiced guys.

The song I posted here, You Are, was my feeble attempt a few years ago to pay homage to the singers of my childhood (before The Beatles became my Fab Four!).

(Low production values, I was just sort of making up the music on the fly – but you get the idea. Sort of what you would get if you mixed Eddy Arnold with Neil Young, minus the talent!)