Perfect Timing, Magoo

Too chilly to work in the yard today, so I decided to take a little drive.

Lassen Peak from just above the northern Sacramento Valley floor. It is an active volcano and the most southern mountain in the Cascade Range. South of Lassen, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range begins. All the rocks in the foreground are volcanic. Lassen is a remnant of a much larger volcano that drastically altered the geography of Northern California.
Snowed yesterday up here. The road goes over a relatively low mountain pass at 4,300 feet.
I believe this is Burney Mountain, a lava dome.
Looking down on the little town of Burney. Lots of logging in this area.
Ah, my destination – Burney Falls. It was a very icy and slippery walk down the path. Fortunately, there are hand rails. I kept thinking, “Oh so this is where I break my hip and eventually die from pneumonia.” There was a small group of Japanese tourist also on the path. Everyone of them seemed to have known the English word, “Sorry,” saying it each time they thought they were in my way.
How beautiful! When I was done I thought, “Well, I just had a beautiful visit with God.”

A short video of Burney Falls.

It was a casual 2 hour drive up there, but feels like another world. Tonight, a storm is supposed to drop a couple of feet of snow in that area. Perfect timing!

(“Oh Magoo, You’ve done it again!.“ From a favorite cartoon of mine, Mr. Magoo.)