Weird Stuff

Took the backroads to the lumber yard today and drove by a ranch that raises buffaloes (bison). Mount Shasta is in the far back back. Those are olive trees too. They are mechanically harvested which requires the trees to be pruned in sort of a boxy shape. That seems weird to me.

Nicky plays guitar on my songs and directs the production of each song. He is a fantastic musician and person. Currently he is a member of the very successful and popular country music band, Shenandoah. They are touring quite a bit lately, They just released a new single today. Nicky is the good looking kid with the long hair posing on one leg. I tried to do that pose and I fell over. I still don’t understand how a 69 year old fart, writing his own simple songs, in a dusty town in rural California, ended up being supported by such a world class talent. Weird.

The bass player on my songs is also a member of a really successful and popular Heavy Metal band in Europe and tours all over the world, “Accept.” Martin is an incredible bass player and such a humble person. Here is a photo of Martin. Again, I can’t understand how our relationship came to be, but I am very thankful for it. Still, it is kind of weird.

Here is Martin!

I had a dear friend where I used to work and I would tell her stories about my past. She would often say, “I don’t believe it.” I am beginning to understand her response now.

Here is our latest collaboration of a song I re-recorded. It is about a guy who keeps making the same mistakes for the same reasons.