Almost every night during the fall, winter, and spring, I sit in our hot tub and look at the stars - always in wonderment and sometimes, prayerfully - although perhaps they are the same thing. When the moon is visible at night, I watch as the light that is reflected, from one evening to the [...]

I read quite a bit. Probably 50% of my books are biographies. Some of the people I read about are considered religious saints, some are sort of saints-in-waiting and some might be considered secular saints who impacted a particular arena of life. The one thing they all have in common though is that none of [...]

Of all the things I have learned on this 69 year journey, one of the most important for me is this - Love knows nothing of separateness, either in distance or time. Love is not confined by the physical laws and constraints and boundaries because in its truest form, it is spiritual. And, this cannot [...]