This evening, as I soaked in the hot tub outside, a thought crossed my mind, "This hot water feels so good. Why?" I then thought about people who like to get into a warm bath, turn down the lights and perhaps light a small candle, and they let the moment sooth their body and their [...]

We’ve had 11 so-called atmospheric rivers this winter. Being in a severe drought, with many dry wells around us, the rain is a blessing. On the mountains, new records of total snowfall are about to be set. Still, the constant rain can get a fella sort of itchy to get moving outside. Yet, still recovering [...]

Mercy Me (with all instruments and rough vocal/instruments mix) by gary a. mcmahon on #SoundCloud This is a very rough mix, but now includes all the instruments, for Mercy Me. The cello was the perfect addition, me thinks. The song was inspired by reading Brennan Manning's book, Ragamuffin Gospel along with some personal reflection. [...]

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into the Surgery Center at our regional hospital for a hernia repair. This was the second attempt to repair it. Three years ago I got a two for one deal during emergency surgery for a blocked intestine. Soon after the first one, I probably coughed and blew it [...]