Driving around seeing what we might see. Went to a favorite area of ours, the Central Coast area of California. Many, many wineries down here with some huge estates. Never let anyone tell you there “ain’t money in wine.” Here is some of what we found today. We found wildflowers! One of my favorite photo [...]

One of the best things about getting old is that you simply don’t care about social boundaries and expectations anymore. I’ve noticed over the past few years that I have had many more spontaneous conversations with strangers- mostly senior citizens strangers - than when I was younger. You know how children can start talking and [...]

Our grandson and his fiancée have decided to hold their wedding ceremony at our place. It will be in late September - when the heat lets up a bit. So….time to get busy. We have planted different grasses in containers. I will try to plant a lot of sunflowers in the middle of June too. [...]