Wedding Table

Our grandson and his fiancée have decided to hold their wedding ceremony at our place. It will be in late September – when the heat lets up a bit.

So….time to get busy.

We have planted different grasses in containers. I will try to plant a lot of sunflowers in the middle of June too. It takes about 90 days for the sunflowers to show.

Some time ago, we were gifted a slab of pine that was from a burned tree in the Camp Fire (Paradise, CA). The kids want to use it for the head table. So after months of procrastinating, we got it sanded down today and began adding Danish Oil. Looking good! Son-in-law is welding steel legs for it.

Now, I just learned of a new request for an addition to the swing area I made a couple of years ago. More to follow. (Somebody wants a hanging bed.)