Grandpa’s Bragging

One of the best things about getting old is that you simply don’t care about social boundaries and expectations anymore.

I’ve noticed over the past few years that I have had many more spontaneous conversations with strangers- mostly senior citizens strangers – than when I was younger. You know how children can start talking and playing with another child without having met them before? Old people can do the same same thing, well, except the playing thing.

Old peeps also like to brag about things our grandkids have done. We have 7 grandchildren and each one is very unique. I have enjoyed watching them grow up without the responsibility of being their parent.

Grandchild #3 as I affectionately refer to her is quite artistic. She writes her own songs on piano or guitar. Recently she took a photography class in high school. She just won an award for the photo below (where she uses her younger sister -grandchild #6- as her model. )

Just Gramps doing grandpa stuff.