California Visions

Driving around seeing what we might see. Went to a favorite area of ours, the Central Coast area of California. Many, many wineries down here with some huge estates. Never let anyone tell you there “ain’t money in wine.”

Here is some of what we found today.

We found wildflowers!

One of my favorite photo themes is paths.

We found the Pacific Ocean too.

Another favorite photo theme is where small coastal streams run into the ocean. The whole little stream meets majestic ocean is fascinating to me and might make a wonderful children’s book.

We found food in the very nice ocean town of Cambria. Don’t mess with me when I am hungry and eating beneath a windmill. Love the Linn Bakery and Pie Shop.

Driving back to the hotel in Paso Robles, California. Morrow Bay is in the background with some light fog over it.