I love willow trees. This Golden Willow was just three feet tall a few years ago. I noticed that the willow tree and I share some things in common. Their young branches shoot straight up as if the sky’s the limit for all their possibilities. I was like that as a younger man. Confident in [...]

The new deck that covers up the aggregate concrete patio is nearly completed. The contractor and his crew did a great job especially with all the angles. It was nearly 100 degrees today and the decking stayed relatively cool. View into the bedroom View into the Family Room Looking into French doors to replace the [...]

A couple of years ago, I built a little thing to hold a wooden swing and planted Virginia Creeper and Wisteria along the sides. The swing was great, but someone said a “swing bed” would be even greater. So, we added a couple more 4 by 6 boards on the top and hung a new [...]

A few photos of some of the backyard today. It is constantly changing. I mentioned to Bridget today that I’ve never felt lonely when gardening. I feel so connected around plants, flowers and trees. The very last photo is one of the prep being done to pour a slab of concrete to expand the shop [...]