Always Something

A couple of years ago, I built a little thing to hold a wooden swing and planted Virginia Creeper and Wisteria along the sides.

The swing was great, but someone said a “swing bed” would be even greater. So, we added a couple more 4 by 6 boards on the top and hung a new “bed” for summer afternoon snoozing. The first swing is going to be relocated near a big Curly Willow tree which will be a perfect place in the mornings.

I expect the vines will cover the top this year. We had our first few wisteria flowers on it this year. There is also a young mulberry tree behind it and it is thriving, soon to provide even more shade there. Shade is precious in Orland, California during the summertime.
Closer view

Also, we have an exposed aggregate back patio which I hate walking barefoot on plus it has a couple of funky wooden steps from the sliding glass doors of the family room and our bedroom onto the patio.

We surrendered to Father Time , admitting our knees and backs and neck and shoulders are not up to the task, nor our skills and knowledge, and found a great building contractor to build a deck upon the patio, at the door heights. He and his crew finished the framing portion today ( it took 4 guys who knew what they were doing , 2 full days which means it would have taken us 77 days to do it wrong.)

The composite deck material goes on next. We ordered ones that are supposed to stay 30% cooler than normal composite material. Hopefully, tomorrow the decking material is on. Having a Mother’s Day gathering out here on Saturday. Looking into French doors to replace the two sliders.