I was browsing Facebook this morning and I saw where one of our daughters, Leah, had posted an article. I was cruising through the article and I found it all very interesting because lately at work I've been discussing the difficulty of helping college students who have been traumatized and the emotional demands on the [...]

Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of the disastrous Camp Fire.  We've been struggling with all the changes, grateful YES, but still a bit out of sorts. Our lives are much different now. We drive on different roads to different places. We view our house as a house, not a home...yet. They say it takes [...]

The heat is putting an end to my sugar peas. I pulled them out and we transplanted some zinnias in their place. Crossing my fingers for the zinnias-they don't like to be messed with. After planting some corn and squash, and fertilizing the citrus trees with an organic product, and then weeding around the grapes, [...]

In a boat...on the Sacramento River...with grandson, his girlfriend and my son-in-law...comfortable weather...find a spot on the river where shad are....caught about 20 of them...release them back into the river...perfect.

Lately I don't seem to have much of an urge to write on my blog or write new songs. I have been plucking the guitar strings a bit and blowing on the harmonica, neither of which I know how to really do. We've been working quite a bit in this new yard ... maybe that [...]

Is there anything as beautiful as a slightly clouded sunrise? Yes, a partially clouded sunset. Is there anything as tender as the touch of a newborn child? Yes, the touch of the elderly one as they acknowledge their next journey. Is there anything so hopeful as a spring blossom? Yes, the dance of a falling [...]

A few years before my father died, I went into his closet and I was stunned to see how few clothes he had in there. He was the kind who believed that a man only needed one coat, two pairs of shoes - one for yard work and another for going to church. My closet [...]

Several postings ago, I shared the progress I was making with a new song. Since then I added drums and a bass guitar and did some more mixing. It is good enough for me. I actually consider it one of the better songs I have written. What's it really about? It is about our shared [...]