I am sort of slow at recognizing the obvious. Let me back up. I have started keeping a dream journal. I tried once in the past, but I preferred trying to go back to sleep than getting up and recording my dreams. When I did get out of bed, often my dreams were just a [...]

There is one phrase that I detest. Often after someone has taken a long time in introducing someone, such as the guest speaker at some professional affair, they will say "so without further ado...." It irritates me because they readily admit they have been ado'ing me too much already, whatever ado is. So I am [...]

Today Tonight Today At the Monastery, down the road, a couple of weeks ago Driving to Park City, Utah, this summer for family vacation. Yep, 6 mountain bikes. Benny getting ready to take his driver’s license exam…failed miserably. Sea life along Northern California coast, a couple of years ago Picking blueberries up North 3 years [...]

I have often pondered the question “What would I believe if I had not been taught what to believe?” By that I mean, are there core truths that are essentially part of me? My list is really quite short. 1. Earth is a garden, wide in diversity and deep in beauty, with constant echoes and [...]