An audio version: Compliance has been my enemy for a long time. We have had some epic battles over the years. My first big one was with the public education system. When I was 4 years old, my kindergarten teacher put me a dark closet and she forgot I was in there for the entire [...]

Each day I try to extend my physical horizons a little bit as I recover from surgery. Today we drove down the road a little ways to the Sacramento National Refuge, a part of the Pacific Flyway. I am not a Catholic, but I easily agree with the Franciscan idea that God’s creative energy exists [...]

Recently I decided to slow down with the blogging, take some more time to read others' blogs and in some ways try to publicly avoid the one year anniversary of the fire that burned down our house and our town, Paradise, California. I didn't know that I also had a serious health issue in front [...]

Dear Lord, Thank you for this day. This day is filled with blossoming trees and fields of wild flowers.  No painting could capture the glory of it all. This day is filled with kind and supporting notes from kind and supporting people from all over the world. This day is filled with the love of [...]