While eating a chicken pot pie: Person A: She doesn’t like peas. Person B: I hated cooked carrots when I was a kid. I can tolerate them now. Person C: Peas are good for you, eat your peas. Person A: Peas are sweet. Person B: I like corn. Corn is a vegetable. Person D: No [...]

(After writing such a gruesome short story, I thought that I better write a 2nd chapter to the Optimist so people won't think I am a sicko.) Part II The Assembly “Pessimists, please, come to order. The council cannot commence until we have order here and for the sake of all things sad, please pick [...]

Some think I have a wee bit of a problem with my mental list keeping. Although I would never agree face to face with that analysis, I, in my weaker moments, could see their point of view. So with that theme in mind, here is an update on some recent projects. We’ve lived out here [...]

(You just never know what I am going to feel like posting. Decided to try my hand at writing a very short story. It is pretty weird. Don't forget- I hate editing!) The Optimist The man was right on schedule with his coffee in his right hand and his cellphone in his left. This did [...]

Alison just published a wonderful blog posting about the barns in her neck of the woods. I really enjoyed it and I sure you will too. (excuse my ignorance about these things, but I didn’t know whether to choose the “reblog” or “Press this” option?” Is there a difference?”

Through rose tinted glasses.

One of the most valuable and unexpected aspects of starting my blog, has been the friendships that I have formed with people from so many different parts of our world.  I may never have the priveledge of meeting them face to face, but I value their input in my life none the less.

I stumbled across Garys’ Blog quite by accident one sunday afternoon.  So much of what he wrote about drew a parallel with my own life and upbringing that I clicked the follow button, and I think we have been friends ever since.

A while ago Gary wrote a blog about Old Barns and after reading it I knew that he would love to see some of the Old Barns that are dotted around the Peak District Landscape.  Many are still intact and have stood the test of time whilst others are more weathered and worn, but as…

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Biographer: What are you afraid of the most? Me: The most, the very most, the very, very most? Biographer: Uh, yes, the very, very, very most. Me: Hmm...I guess...I would... have to say...rats! Biographer: Rats, why rats? Me: Actually rats and ... bats. Biographer: Both...equally afraid of...interesting...Why rats and bats? Me: Because they are both [...]

Finding myself simply wanting to breathe fresh air. Only been able to read for ten minutes or so at a time. Only activity really making me happy is planting a tree or getting a gardening space in order. Inside air seems stale. Outside air seems alive. Would rather be cold outside than warm inside. My [...]

I have often heard from colleagues that other people are afraid of me because I look mean or pissed off.  People say they are are surprised when they see others laughing with me. Partly I am ok with that because, well, there are some folks I just as soon not engage with, but maybe I [...]