The image is still vivid in my mind. My father, sitting in an old chair, out in the middle of the backyard, just staring out and over his property. He sat there for hours. He was not a man to sit anywhere for much more than thirty minutes, certainly not for hours. We had just [...]

I've been thinking, actually no, I've been feeling lately about great opposites, mostly love and suffering. It is sort of like buying a pair of shoes that at first glance don't seem to match at all. Yet, the longer you wear them, stare at them, feel them, you realize they are indeed a pair of [...]

Do you see those things on the side of the chair? You young people refer to them as armrests. I used to too. However, as you get older and your knees decay like rotten teeth, you will call them armlifts and they are far more important to you than the armrests ever were. You will [...]

Lately, when outdoors - with the wind being a bit stronger than a breeze, but less than a hurricane - I have noticed a feeling of connectedness. It started a few years ago while we were walking by a glacier fed river in Montana and I read a signpost that said the water in the [...]

Gracie, our 3 year old Goldendoodle, is not the bravest dog in the world. However, since the 29 sheep and 1 goat have moved into the back 3 acres, she's been acting pretty tough. She bolts out the back door every morning and runs at the herd and the herd takes off, even the goat [...]

(The apostle Paul wrote many letters that are included in the Holy Bible. I've decided to write him back once in a while." Dear Paul, I just realized last night that I have confused the words Belief and Faith for most of my adult life and this has caused some spiritual confusion in my life. [...]

I haven't written a song since the fire in Paradise, so I forced myself to try to do so last week. This is the beginning of the song - music to follow soon. I thought it mught be kind of cool to hyperlink some of the lyrics to what inspired them.  The last link probably [...]

Since moving into our new place, we have planted 19 rose bushes, 30 lavender plants, 2 fruit trees, 5 blueberries, and some raspberries and blackberries and grapes, started painting the outside of the house, brought in a lot of rock, got 8 chicks, loaned some acres to a bunch of sheep and one curious goat. [...]