About 15 minutes from our home is Black Butte Dam. I walked up on the dam and with a telephoto lens, while standing in one place, I took pictures in all directions. Here is what I saw. Northwest direction, the Trinity Alps- Looking northwards, Mount Shasta beyond a new vineyard- To the Northeast, Mount Lassen [...]

Not my favorite, January. Prefer more daylight in my day, but living on the 40 degree latitude, I really don’t have much to complain about in that regards! It was a good month though. I lost four more pounds! I have walked 10,000 steps or more for 31 consecutive days according to Fitbit. Actually walked [...]

We have lived out in this windy, dusty little fart of a town for almost 2 years now. Losing all we had in the Paradise Fire/Campfire, we lived for a couple of months in a travel trailer. We needed more space. It got depressing upon an already depressed mindset. Local property values increased dramatically after [...]

Every evening, around dusk, this time of the year, a very large flock of birds get tucked into the cypress trees in our front yard. There is some pattern to how they are released but I don’t know what it is. It is kind wonderful and yet kind of weird too. Video is three minutes [...]