I own many objects. None of my possessions bring the deep satisfaction of walking around the yard, pulling up the branches of a thick berry bush and finding sweet and juicy blackberries (thornless). This morning was such a time. Brought them into the house and introduced them to some Dahlias that grew in our garden. [...]

A few years ago, I was struggling to find the joy in songwriting and singing my songs - mostly due to a hypercritical critic criticizing between my ears. During that same time, a friend posted a song on SoundCloud that his young boy had recorded. It was an awakening to hear a child create just [...]

Lately I have been anxious, short tempered, and feeling out of sorts. Yesterday, I got a frozen yogurt. I had requested vanilla with fresh strawberries on top with some chocolate sprinkles. They were out of strawberries and I ended up with some sour mixture of raspberries and boysenberries, This pissed me off. It is one [...]

Just picked this beauty from a little tree I planted two and a half years ago. These are from just two trees at my daughter’s place. This was only half of that harvest. I have my peach picking face on…serious work. Love peaches that have ripened on the tree!

I am going to tell this story backwards. The End This is what I saw as I left the Roundhouse in Yosemite. It was a welcomed relief after spending time in the Roundhouse with a hundred other people with the outside temperature being over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and with a nice hot fire blazing in [...]