Mark is very talented. His songwriting is off the charts good. Here is an example of just one of his many songs, to the bottle tied. Mark has a great blog site for his poetry. My favorite poem of his is The Chair

David wrote this amazing song, Eva’s Tune. It is on his Soundcloud page. We collaborate sometimes. It is so enjoyable to write with David.

Chuck is a retired professional musician and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Here he is covering the song Mr. Bojangles.

Brielle has written so many great songs and her vocals are incredible. She also is very kind.

Lawrence gifted me with his version of Amazing Grace. I listen to it often. We also will collaborate from time to time. Lawrence is a great guy.

Eliza has an excellent blog with some fantastic nature photography. She is super cool too.

I have enjoyed Alison’s blog on a regular basis for a couple of years now. She is a gifted writer with a wonderful eye for the gifts that surround her.

Len provides a variety of posts on his blog. He is a courageous writer who is willing to tell it as he sees it, but he also is a compassionate man. He shares great stories of his life.

Barb shares wonderful little moments of her life and then often ties them to a deeper meaning. Although written from a woman’s experience, I really enjoy and respect her perspective…inspiring.

Laura has a cool blog dedicated to living an authentic life. She has some wonderful articles, and her website is awesomely presented. I feel better just looking at her blog!

Pia’s blog is fascinating with everything from her own art and music to her work as a formal researcher. I enjoy just going from tab to tab on her Home Page.