My Album – “Losing My Name” – is available to stream on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music, and YouTube. I’ve provided the YouTube link below because it doesn’t require any subscription for the listener. If you’re wondering, I think I collect about 1/4 of an American penny for every stream and then 8% of that goes to the publishing organization. Of the remaining amount, I will pay about 40% of it in federal and state income tax. Still, I’d do it all for nothing – obviously!

The title song was inspired from spending time with books written by the Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr – although I am not sure that would entirely please him. I do find him mystically inspirational and he has been a wonderful guide in my life. Losing my name refers to letting go of ego-based attachments and their behaviors. Still a goal of mine.

Apple Music categorized the songs on this album as Alternative Folk, which I think if it was a planet, it would be like way out there, like Pluto, which I don’t think is even considered a planet any longer. The album was produced by Nicky V and Steve Allen who are currently touring with the very successful country band. Shenadoah, These two fellows are beyond amazing…and kind. All the musicians involved are from Nashville. They are mucho talented as you can see from the video I posted of Nicky below.

Another free music site is Soundcloud. Soundcloud is where I also post my songs as they are still being developed. Often the recordings are just of me, an out of tune classical guitar (arthritis is making it hard for me to play steel strings any longer), and my IPhone. However, I love the beginning stages of creating a song. Here is the link to my Soundcloud page.