One of my earliest memories is of my father coming home from work one day. I was dressed up in a cowboy outfit complete with toy guns on my hips. I joyfully ran out to greet my father. He got out of the car and immediately began playing cowboy and outlaw with me using his [...]

On Christmas morning, I found myself sitting in my truck, outside the Emergency Room of a small, rural health clinic. I was told to stay in the truck and a nurse would come out and administer the Covid test. Yep,ole Santa got me sick for Christmas. The nurse showed up in a few minutes and [...]

Today I found myself inside Costco, the large warehouse chain store in the U.S., perhaps they are elsewhere, not sure. As my wife was shopping for fruits and vegetables, I was mesmerized with a display of gloves. They were the sportwear brand, HEAD, and were labeled as "running gloves." Now, I am not about to [...]

Storyteller's First Story: Words and Numbers (Not Music/storytelling) by gary a. mcmahon on #SoundCloud I wrote this little tale casually without much editing. I then recorded it as I plucked the guitar. I just listened to it again after 6 years later. Little puppy Gracie is on the cover of the "song." I just [...]

Too chilly to work in the yard today, so I decided to take a little drive. Lassen Peak from just above the northern Sacramento Valley floor. It is an active volcano and the most southern mountain in the Cascade Range. South of Lassen, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range begins. All the rocks in the foreground [...]

This swing often acts as the resting place of my chapel. I sit here a lot, sometimes when I am tired of working in the “yard.” Here, I think, no I wonder and I ponder, and I contemplate and even sometimes, I meditate, but mostly I pet the dogs. Sometimes when I am petting the [...]

The candlemakers have temporarily transitioned to wreaths! Every flower is from the yard. Getting made. The grapevines and pomegranates are from the yard too. The ribbon is from a little off the beaten path Christmas shop in Cottonwood, California.