Woke up this morning and I looked out the front window. Then I walked into the kitchen and I looked out the back window. Those flowers were just picked from the backyard. I went outside to water a little garden I am growing to see what will grow well out here in Orland, California. The [...]

Last week I attended one of my granddaughters' 8th grade graduation.  She lived in Paradise, went through all the grief of the fire, had her school moved to another town. The school held their graduation ceremony in one of the few buildings still standing in Paradise, a fairly large church. There were probably 250 plus [...]

When I was a child my grandfather would occasionally bring out his old harmonica and he'd play an old hymn, like How Great Thou Art. He was not a church going man during those days nor did he ever display much love for the arts - so this was always a very special moment for [...]

I was browsing Facebook this morning and I saw where one of our daughters, Leah, had posted an article. I was cruising through the article and I found it all very interesting because lately at work I've been discussing the difficulty of helping college students who have been traumatized and the emotional demands on the [...]

Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of the disastrous Camp Fire.  We've been struggling with all the changes, grateful YES, but still a bit out of sorts. Our lives are much different now. We drive on different roads to different places. We view our house as a house, not a home...yet. They say it takes [...]

The heat is putting an end to my sugar peas. I pulled them out and we transplanted some zinnias in their place. Crossing my fingers for the zinnias-they don't like to be messed with. After planting some corn and squash, and fertilizing the citrus trees with an organic product, and then weeding around the grapes, [...]

In a boat...on the Sacramento River...with grandson, his girlfriend and my son-in-law...comfortable weather...find a spot on the river where shad are....caught about 20 of them...release them back into the river...perfect.

Lately I don't seem to have much of an urge to write on my blog or write new songs. I have been plucking the guitar strings a bit and blowing on the harmonica, neither of which I know how to really do. We've been working quite a bit in this new yard ... maybe that [...]