Another day of intense and unsafe heat here in Northern California and much of the Western portion of the U.S.. It is difficult to do much in temperatures of 112 Fahrenheit and higher. You get feeling not quite right after only a little bit of time in that heat. Yet, I drove by men and [...]

I ate lunch in Bodega Bay, California today. Saw this pretty little flower growing on a little tree by the restaurant. I took it on portrait mode on iPhone because behind it was a parking lot. This was the view from our table at the restaurant. Yes, the fish is quite fresh. Driving there and [...]

I think someone, more clever than I, should invent a game. It would go something like this. You start with a blank screen or paper. Then you randomly pull out a card from a stack of “Birth” cards. On that card is an introductory sentence such as “Your father went to prison just before you [...]

Realizing that I am not going to live forever, I decided to buy a travel trailer and get away more often. We took our first journey this week. It was just a 2 day trip to a favorite place called Graeagle in California. It is a former lumber town that specialized in making boxes for [...]