I generally try to be a nice fellow. I try to remember that everyone has good days and bad days and sometimes those bad days can be really sad days too. Now, I said "generally' because I can have my moments when my tolerance level is not very high and I can come back at [...]

This day began with pre-dawn clouds, a sliver of the moon, and a faint Venus. After that, it got hot, 110 Fahrenheit at 5 pm (43.33 Celsius). I can’t handle working out in that kind of heat anymore, so all my chores were put aside and will be for the next 8 days as it [...]

Took this with the IPad this morning - before sunrise. From the guest bedroom, the window faces East. We are in for an extended heat spell which makes the morning even more special. Sister Venus is just getting home after a night of bright lights and is trying to sneak back in while Brother Moon [...]

There was this guy. This guy lived in a house with his wife and with their dog and with their two cats. The cats are named Linus and Lucy. The man got up one day and said to himself, "Looks like a boring day. I have an appointment with a nutritionist and my wife has [...]

Sitting here watching the first Harry Potter movie. I read the book a few years ago. Enjoy a good story. What is harder - to tell the truth or to hear the truth? Using my new hearing aids to listen to this movie. I struggle a little bit with the accent and the higher pitch [...]

I think I figured it out. When did the world get so darn crazy? Seedless watermelons. They are the culprits. In the good old days, we would sit on the front porch on a hot summer day and eat watermelon in the afternoon. We’d talk about all sorts of things, even things we disagreed upon. [...]

For the past few evenings, I have been sitting outside trying to get a look at the comet, NEOWISE.  Although, I wasn't able to see it. I very much enjoyed watching the night sky  as the stars and planets revealed themselves in greater and greater detail as it got darker. It struck me that life, [...]

I hope that today we feel loved in abundance. I hope we let go of our feelings of scarcity. I hope we make room for the opinions of others, especially those that differ from our own. I hope our eyes see something quite small that leads our hearts to something much larger and mysterious. I [...]