I am watching the sunset and listening to the frogs. When the sun goes down, the frogs get noisy around here. I don’t think it is easy being a frog out this way. The other day, on the road in front of my mailbox, I saw a flatten frog, all four legs spread out. It [...]

Well, I have been retired for 12 days now. It feels strange. Not a bad strange - just a strange, strange. I am going to bed a little later and sleeping in a little longer. I am getting use to a new IPad Pro for my music and other creative endeavors. With the magic keyboard, [...]

Today I spent time on a lake not too far from us. It is at the very beginning of the hills that rise up to form the Coastal Range. Beyond that range is the Pacific Ocean. The lake is called Black Butte Reservoir and provides the water for our pasture. The grass is yellow now [...]

I saw these 2 signs , one up at Lassen the other day and the other one at Shasta Dam today. I found them to be full of wisdom - for a sign, that is. I also saw the dang cutest thing...a wild turkey hen and her chicks. I had never seen wild turkey chicks [...]

I have attempted to write a new post several times in the past few days. Each time I end up saying, “Doesn’t feel right.” Part of the reason is the Covid-19 crisis, another reason has been a general heart sickness over the George Floyd tragedy along with Trump’s divisive form of leadership, and then there [...]

Just a quick follow up...look at those jars of jam the Jam Makers made today. They experimented with a little strawberry-raspberry combo and I am telling you, it is the solution for world peace. The taste puts a big smile on your face and fills your heart with love!

Went boysenberry picking early this morning and picked about 10 pounds of berries. It was at a U Pick place down the road from us. Boysenberries are a hybrid of blackberry, raspberry and loganberry and were first brought together by Mr. Boyson. I think he eventually turned them over to the Knotts family of Knotts [...]

When I was still a tadpole, I loved playing games with my grandma. One of my favorite was Monopoly - not because I understood the game, but my grandma got such a kick out of the miniature game pieces, particularly the thimble and the iron. She even started her own collection of miniature items which [...]