Flies Sitting at this here desk, a fly keeps buzzing around and occasionally lands on my slightly sweaty forehead - very occasionally. I have attempted to violently end its life, occasionally (very occasionally) with no success. With each attempt I have tried to harken back to the days of my lightening fast reflexes, but have [...]

There is something special about a swing. They feel like an old friend. You immediately start up where you left off regardless of time passed by. They understand your unique rhythm. They get you; you don’t have to explain a thing to them. They are perfectly happy with silence too. I built a little structure [...]

Over a month ago a fire started in the Feather River Canyon, very close to where the #Camp Fire started. This fire, called the Dixie Fire, continues to burn and it has burned over 750,000 acres so far. That is a lot of land. I drove down the Feather River Canyon today. It was an [...]

I am sittin’ in Corning Ford, where we purchased our truck, waiting for an oil change, maintenance check, and tire rotation. Sittin’ is good sometimes, especially in a different place where you have a couple of choices - 1) wait patiently or 2) wait impatiently. I will probably bounce between the two. I brought a [...]