I am once again sitting in the Ford dealership waiting for my truck to get serviced. Yep, wearing my old standby kicks, high top Converse. Do you believe people make assumptions about you by the shoes you wear? I think so. I know they do by the automobiles that you drive. Out here in rural [...]

I am not one of those people who says that they wouldn't change a thing about their past. Now most of it, I would not change because my life has been blessed over and over again. There is one thing I would change though. I would have wanted to learn to have no fear of [...]

I enjoy watching small trees as they grow. Certainly a sign of old-er age, often I will say with excitement, “Look how much that tree has grown this year!” Having planted over 150 small trees out here in the California Dust Bowl (winds are forecasted to reach 50 miles per hour today…80 kph for those [...]

If you ever find yourself in Chico, California, do yourself a favor and take a walk through Bidwell Park. Let me show you why with photos from a casual 7,600 steps this morning. It is really a place where light just dances about and changes the landscape continually.

This one kind of got to me. I have been thinking a lot lately about animals and their emotions. Started reading the book "When Elephants Weep" last night and then saw this article online this morning. Animal having emotions is a controversial subject for many. Personally, I don't get the accusations of anthropomorhism. Mountain gorilla [...]

I trip a lot. I am certain that an area rug will be the cause of my accidental death. I also trip a lot outside too though and I can’t blame the interior designer for that, I suppose. Not only do I trip, but I often fall. The other day a pumpkin vine wrapped itself [...]

The calendar said it was October 4th. The app on my phone said the temperature outside was 92 degrees Fahrenheit. The little thermometer floating in the pool said the water was 72 degrees Fahrenheit. I got in the pool for what might be the last time this year as the weather appears to be changing [...]

I think, I think way too much. I spend a lot of time thinking about God, loss, sorrow, death, truth, eternity. The other day I was out in the little mini-orchard watering the fruit trees and clearing the weeds around them. I do a lot of thinking when gardening. Out of nowhere, I threw up [...]