This swing often acts as the resting place of my chapel. I sit here a lot, sometimes when I am tired of working in the “yard.” Here, I think, no I wonder and I ponder, and I contemplate and even sometimes, I meditate, but mostly I pet the dogs. Sometimes when I am petting the [...]

The candlemakers have temporarily transitioned to wreaths! Every flower is from the yard. Getting made. The grapevines and pomegranates are from the yard too. The ribbon is from a little off the beaten path Christmas shop in Cottonwood, California.

A couple of years ago, we planted a little Chandler English Walnut tree. Being a bit obsessive, I have been keeping track of the crop each year. The first year, we got 2 nuts. Last year, we got 22 nuts, and this year… 64 nuts. Next year I will provide a graph with this report. [...]

Ah, the old phrases my elders used to use. “Mind your own beeswax,” “Stop being so nosey,” and “Mind your own P’s and Q’s” was often heard. One of my grandfathers used to always say to me, “Just between you, me and the fence post.” Oddly enough, often there was a fence post close by. [...]

Lately, I've started to swing the golf clubs again after a few years away from it. Not really ready to play on the big courses again. I've been spending some time playing at a little low key 9 hole course down the road and up the road, I've been practicing at a nice place with [...] I'd like to share a few songs over the next week or so that I wrote a few years ago. I've shared some over the years. Just used my cell phone to record these rough ideas, using my guitar and sometimes blowing into the harp. They are not in any way polished. Some are [...]

Oh how I wished I could have been able to hear for myself as Jesus taught through his parables. I am sure most of the time I probably would have said, "Huh?" However, one of my favorites is the parable of the prodigal son - having been a prodigal son myself once or twice or [...]