Got up this morning with the usual knee pain. Lately sleeping seems to hurt it as much as walking. Been over a 50 year pain as I injured it severely when I was about 15 years old. Spent two weeks in the hospital but worked hard at recovery and eventually was able to even run [...]

I picked up this little 4 page newspaper that covers the little towns in the region where we live. Everything of the front page was bad news including the old guy on his mobility scooter who was arrested for driving under the influence after he ran into a semi-truck. When I watch the news on [...]

Went out and picked a few tomatoes and peppers this afternoon with my daughter. And next thing you know, we have a large bowl of salsa! Now I am going to eat a frozen peach yogurt while sitting outside. That my friends is a perfect Summertime afternoon, Blessings everywhere! P.S. I didn’t arrange the flowers [...]

I prefer short road trips of 3 to 7 days over longer trips. I miss me surroundings and I miss me own bed after a few days. This week we took a little three day, two night journey and got back just in time for this miserable heat spell. Here is our route minus the [...]

My hearing is not good. I have sat through entire movies unable to hear any dialogue and trying to piece the story together - for years. Most of my hearing loss is in the higher frequencies and include the S and other comparable sounds. I sort of quit teaching a class because I couldn’t hear [...]

Some of my friends on Soundcloud will occasionally post  a tune with their children or grandchildren... and I LOVE listening their music. This first one is with David and his two children. Eva sings a sassy lead vocal and is backed up with her brother on keyboards and background vocals. DavidHutton · Shy Guy (Eva [...]