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Magical Elements Nature Photography

As a conservationist and nature/wildlife photographer, living surrounded by mountains brings the importance of them and how we can care for this beautiful biodiverse landscape. This image of the San Francisco Peaks was taken in Autumn, you can see some snow on the peaks as the temperatures drop.

Mountain ecosystems play a major part in the replenishing of mountain snows and glaciers. Without them these will melt and possibly vanish worldwide within 30-50 years. Without these snows, life on Earth will become unbearably hot and the water cycle will cease to function effectively. ActiveRemedy.org

Protecting Mountain Biodiversity

Did you know that mountains cover 24% of the earth’s surface and play a critical role in supporting life on the planet. More than half the world’s population depends on mountains for their water, known fondly as the water towers of the world.

Mountains harbor a significant portion of distinct ethnic groups, varied…

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Dear Lord, Thank you for this day. This day is filled with blossoming trees and fields of wild flowers.  No painting could capture the glory of it all. This day is filled with kind and supporting notes from kind and supporting people from all over the world. This day is filled with the love of [...]